How to Play (Ply) this Game


I asked a friend to take a look at my new web presence. The question he asked, "How do I play the game?" He was already playing it. Some explanation may be needed. That will follow here as I have time to sketch it out. Part of playing the game is to track where things are added. 


I have a bit of color code I'm using. Hypertext, meaning you click on a word or phrase and you are taken to some other place,  is indicated by words being, for now, in this color. I am considering whether to distinguish internal from external links using different colors. Not sure if that would make things too confusing. I will see if there is any feedback about this detail.

Quotes show up in this color and italicized. Quotes within a block of text––So-and-so says, "Blah blah blah"––will be unenblued but caged in conventional fashion.



[Having gotten feedback I have decided to use two colors. Thank you orthobionomer Ellen Lewis. I am using something I read long ago in Merleau-Ponty, The Phenomenology of Perception, as a guide. He reports in there on some German research. Colors in the red-yellow range support a moving outward and away from so this color, a wine red, will take you to some external web site. A blue-green range of colors facilitates inward motion, so this color will indicate an internal link. Here's a separate little branch. I wondered when I read that in Phenomenology of Perception, about what astronomers call the "red shift." This is why they say the universe is expanding, everything is moving away from everything else. But this information comes to us from the very act of looking outward. Maybe all we are seeing is our own looking? What would happen if we shifted our gaze more inward, a blue-green shift? I will probably come back to this in some of the stories ahead. Back to this web book, it will take me some time to go through and make all the changes of red to green.]


Ideally there will be changes every day. Some of the changes will be triggered by interactions with readers/players. 

Start someplace and see where it takes you. 


My own "string theory" of how to play the game:

To start just pick a thread (a string), whatever grabs you by the fancy, and follow it through the maze, see where it takes you. Go ahead and get distracted, switch to a thread of a different color. In the process you will be learning orthobionomy and how you might apply these principles of meeting the world on its own terms, meeting her at least half-way, trusting Ariadne will guide you safely to the other side.


The boundaries of this maze are continuously expanding and growing. 


Feedback will change the game. Questions, comments and such probing will change the stings; add some, delete some, change the arrangements. Money, too, is a useful form of feedback. Soon there will be some obvious ways to donate and to purchase "product."


It is also necessary that an audience grows, that's largely up to me but some to you as well.


The Game right now is being dominated by Covid-19, coronavirus. How do we get together, which is something we as a species need to do, in the space being defined for us by a virus? I offer a way to play that version of the Game. I call it Love in the Time of Coronavirus.



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