I will be teaching my first orthobionomy class since the shutdown.

The class will be near Sheridan WY.

Sept 26 & 27

 What we will be doing depends on who will be attending. I am told a lot of people attending are "beginners." Beginners of what? Right now, in this time between stories, we are all beginners. There is much to be said for being a beginner.



I am thinking and writing of orthobionomy as an

Apophatic Science, Apophatic Medicine

This is a strange word to most, recently new to me.

Most simply put, it is looking at the letting go side of holding on. Not in opposition but in partnership.


Looking at things that don't get looked at, overlooked, avoided.

Healing the World by Healing the Self;

Healing the Self by Healing the World.

Finding the outer by going in;

Finding the inner by going out.





What you do, what you become,

              is not my concern.                      

                                               ROBERT MCCALL


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