Notes HERE and HERE for UNPHASED NZ, which has been Covid-Postponed TBA. The plan now is to hold the class the last weekend of February. Meaning, people will be gathering in person in New Zealand. It will be a hybrid class. For some time zones the days will be Friday and Saturday. But we must see what covid does.


At the risk of ex-communication (and we should always be under that jeopardy, dear ones) I come out of the closet as a teacher of orthobionomy as a magical* praxis.

Applications of Ortho-Bionomy® as 'bodywork' are the means and not the end. Through going deeper into the experience of physical connection, facilitated by orthobionomy, we explore the magical* underpinnings of reality.

(27 June 2021)

GibbsLang Contemporary Art Gallery And Studio, 555 Matangi Road, Tamahere 3284, New Zealand

Colin Gibbs has organized Unphased: A weekend of play in the orthobionomosphere.

An inspired and skillful painter, Colin is an Advanced Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy, registered by Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand. This "unphased" class was initiated by Colin and he'll be the lead on-site instructor. though Colin is a registered instructor this experience in transformation is not being done under OBNZ jurisdiction. There was a choice of attending in person or distantly and on-site registration was full.  With the covid status change in Aotearoa even doing the entire class by Zoom could not be done under the strict covid regime.


This gathering has generated great interest. On-site spaces had been filled. Bit it had to be postponed, you all know why. Check in with Colin, spaces may have opened. The date we go we cannot know for sure but we'll reset when lockdown is over. During this time the windup is being grandly fertile.



It is now postponed. It is hard to keep track of how many things are 'postponed.' Events postponed does not mean that life is postponed. Back home now and seeing nothing much on my calendar for some time, I was sitting and wondering what to do now. I am not quite ready yet for endless sitting and staring (though I do find my appreciation of that [non]activity has been waxing). So I recalled the play I'd been wanting to do in an online play station. I want to write about Unphased.




Being Written Right Now (but "right now" keeps moving)

  • Unphased
  • Magic* in Objects (returning to reading and searching in the broad category of 'Object Philosophy' I came across this article which will need to be listed in my sources for the topic of Magic*:
  • Geopraxis: Earth Magic*
  • Sigil Magic* & Orthobionomy(relates to Phase VII of Ortho-Bionomy)   (6/30/2021)


"Yes, there is beauty

There is love

There is joy.

All you who suffer from the world's

misery defend them."




What's New Here

[Almost every day there is some change here. Sometimes it does get

neglected, like when I'm traveling and there's inadequate internet.]

  • Magic* comes out of the closet.
  • Glossary entry: (dis)Comfort. Might cause some discomfort.
  • I've made a new heading in the top bar. INFrequently asked questions. Do you have questions you'd like to ask? Unanswerable questions preferred.
  • A poem. Find it in Glossary. Apophenia (for Baeleay)
  • and another, Things, also oddly tucked into the glossary. 
  • I am rethinking orthobionomy (always rethinking orthobionomy because there is no sitting still). Thinking about orthobionomy as magic; thinking of orthobionomy as the chaotic journey (thanks to Édouard Glissant for the term). Looking for stories that do things differently. It matters what story you tell your story with.
  • Coming Soon, writing done while thinking about thinking (maybe)
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