It dawned on me this morning:



I have several posts I'm preparing off-line. This one will take precedence. I'm giving it front page status. It may be a revolutionary idea. I have been working on eliminating stashes of chronic musculoskelal pain, accumulated through years of chronic fatigue and other gremlins. I hone in on one and find a movement that begins to set off pain signal. I hold my attention there, hold the posture, then I let go of any tensions in the body, any enlistment, and let it go. I was in a pseky shoulder, I did not need this tension in my jaw, around my eyes, hands, etc. Move my attention to whereever feeling tension and let it go. As I did this the sensation in my shoulder I had clalled "pain" lost its meaning, became simply a sensation.


A funny coincidence here is that I have been working on one post I call The Meaning of Meaning and I discovered an oft-refference book of thtat title and ordered it. It should arrive today or tomorrow. I relate meaning to scale. Too big, too little, too long a time, too far away, too slow, too fast: all has to occur within a particular range for meaning to form. This is my thesis and I look forward to seeing if this philosopher, C.K. Ogden, came to any similar conclusion.


Pain can be defined as sensation married to meaning, to particular meaning sets.


[For better or worse I may not have a chance for a few weeks to develop this more. I have been asked to join the cast of a play, A Virtual Whodunnit, as they lost an actor. Nothing but leaning lines and rehearsing for a few weeks.]



What you do, what you become,

              is not my concern.                      

                                               ROBERT MCCALL


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