"Yes, there is beauty

There is love

There is joy.

All you who suffer from the world's

misery defend them."


Some new entries. Not sure what category to put this little essay in so might as well be under Who Am I? Titled (after the TomTom Club) Wordy Rappinghood. Also, I've added a word to Glossary: nisus. It's a word I'm trying to decide if it needs reviving; my impulse is to say yes to that endeavor. It appears it can mean both impulse and endeavor but it does not really have a one-word definition. Can I turn it usage toward my own ends of description?                                          [16&20 Nov 2020] 

Brute Fact was added to my Glossary today, Have a visit.    [11 November 2020]

It dawned on me this morning:



I have several posts I'm preparing off-line. This one will take precedence. I'm giving it front page status. It may be a revolutionary idea. I have been working on eliminating stashes of chronic musculoskelal pain, accumulated through years of chronic fatigue and other gremlins. I hone in on one and find a movement that begins to set off pain signal. I hold my attention there, hold the posture, then I let go of any tensions in the body, any enlistment, and let it go. I was in a pseky shoulder, I did not need this tension in my jaw, around my eyes, hands, etc. Move my attention to whereever feeling tension and let it go. As I did this the sensation in my shoulder I had clalled "pain" lost its meaning, became simply a sensation.


A funny coincidence here is that I have been working on one post I call The Meaning of Meaning and I discovered an oft-refference book of thtat title and ordered it. It should arrive today or tomorrow. I relate meaning to scale. Too big, too little, too long a time, too far away, too slow, too fast: all has to occur within a particular range for meaning to form. This is my thesis and I look forward to seeing if this philosopher, C.K. Ogden, came to any similar conclusion.


Pain can be defined as sensation married to meaning, to particular meaning sets.


[For better or worse I may not have a chance for a few weeks to develop this more. I have been asked to join the cast of a play, A Virtual Whodunnit, as they lost an actor. Nothing but leaning lines and rehearsing for a few weeks.]



How do I bleach the whiteness

out of my thinking?


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