Phases One, Two, and Three Three (Ready, Set, and Go)

In number theory four is the first number. I doubt this is what Pauls had in mind when he came up with his seven Phases but you never know. I can't really know why he always had to land on seven but can say with certitude that he had some sense of 'specialness' about seven. I can speculate that it traces back to his Mennonite background with its seven sacraments.


Every time he came 'round to the San Francisco Bay Area I would go study with him and he would give a different accounting of what the phases meant to him. I can only assume he told other versions at the other stops in his mapping.


The Gospel(s) According to Pauls


From Shivambu Kalpa:

Phases 1 to 4   These are gradual changes to the original Jones work but done with less time than his which took 90 seconds for uniform correction. Some of the Phases 4's [sic] can be reduced to 10 seconds.


From The Philosophy and History of Ortho-Bionomy:

Phase One


Phase Two

Observation: I keep hearing the same word screaming in my ear while I am doing Phase One: Boring! Boring!! BORING!!! Why? Why always three times? Why? Why?? Why??? Can't we turn work into play? Maybe there would be some fun! Fun!! FUN!!! in it. But the idea is childish. Who would seriously listen to a child?



The vision is for Ongoingness; Life continuing on . . . .


Flaneur (Out for a Stroll)


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I am I and my circumstance;

and, if I do not save it, I do not save myself.                       —JOSÉ ORTEGA Y GASSET

Changing the Conversation

I was born. I am always a vessel for something other than myself. The self is only a

vehicle for Foreign matter which comes from elsewhere and is destined to go on

elsewhere without me, whether it's words, smells, vision                                                      ––EMANUELE COCCIA  Metamorphoses

The Story Teller

Now, more than ever . . . our place in the universe and the place of the universe in us, is proving to be one of active relationship. That is more than a scientist's credo. The separateness of our lives is a sham. Physics, mathematics, music, painting, my love for you, my work, the star-dust of my body, the spirit that impels it, my politics,  clocks diurnal, time perpetual, the roll, rough, tender, swamping, liberating, breathing, moving, thinking nature, human nature and the cosmos are patterned together.

      —JEANETTE WINTERSON                Gut Symmetries

What you do, what you become, is not my concern.                      ROBERT MCCALL



Yes, there is beauty

There is love

There is joy.

All you who suffer from

the world's miseries

Defend them.

                         ––EEVA KILPI


"Don't immanentize the eschaton."  

                     ––ERIC VOEGELIN

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