Anatomy Lesson

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The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Willem van der Meer        Michiel van Miereveld  1617

The history of the body is closely linked to the history of medicine. It is a story of the flattening of the body, bringing what is inside, hidden, to the outside, spreading it onto another surface. The drive is to make the body two-dimensional, all surface. It marches in step with the modern cult of the individual. Individualization is a surgical procedure, a separation from the larger Body.

The Anatomy Lesson by Krishen Khanna 1972


"A chance to cut is a chance to cure."

       ––anonymous, olld maxim of surgeons

Thinking about an implant? You may want to read this review in the New Yorker (April 20, 2020) or even the book, The Invention of Surgery by David Schneider.





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