The Chaotic Journey

Staff of Aesculapius, Greek God of Healing


Culture is the precaution of those who claim to think thought but who steer clear of its chaotic journey.

                                  ––Édouard Glissant, Poetics of Relation



This class is in an inchoate form, the specifics are lurking in the shadows. The phrase grabbed my attention as I was reading and I thought about how healing practices work in ways that often seem contrary to cultural beliefs and norms. Culture often locks us into patterns of behavior and thought that are false. Healing that takes place in the context of orthobionomy often feels is of a magical nature.


The phrase also appealed because of my recent reading about chaos magick and some similarities (as well as important differences) to certain practices of Ortho-Bionomy, such as the sigil magic of Phase VII.


Illness, dysfunction often follow from being too ordered, too constrained. Orthobionomy holds a bias toward freedom. We talk about disorders when the problem is actually too much order. Paradoxically, what we do in the practice of orthobionomy is to inject chaos. Randomness contains the seeds of Life and this implies a basic bias toward Life, which seems to exist against all odds.


The workshop will be more an exploration rather than following a structured and patterned prescribed program. There may be the possibility of "credit" toward the Ortho-Bionomy Program or as continuing education, though the primary motivation for attending should not come from such external realms. The specific content will be determined by what arises in the moment.


The vision is for Ongoingness; Life continuing on . . . .


Flaneur (Out for a Stroll)


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I am I and my circumstance;

and, if I do not save it, I do not save myself.                       —JOSÉ ORTEGA Y GASSET

Changing the Conversation

I was born. I am always a vessel for something other than myself. The self is only a

vehicle for Foreign matter which comes from elsewhere and is destined to go on

elsewhere without me, whether it's words, smells, vision                                                      ––EMANUELE COCCIA  Metamorphoses

The Story Teller

Now, more than ever . . . our place in the universe and the place of the universe in us, is proving to be one of active relationship. That is more than a scientist's credo. The separateness of our lives is a sham. Physics, mathematics, music, painting, my love for you, my work, the star-dust of my body, the spirit that impels it, my politics,  clocks diurnal, time perpetual, the roll, rough, tender, swamping, liberating, breathing, moving, thinking nature, human nature and the cosmos are patterned together.

      —JEANETTE WINTERSON                Gut Symmetries

What you do, what you become, is not my concern.                      ROBERT MCCALL



Yes, there is beauty

There is love

There is joy.

All you who suffer from

the world's miseries

Defend them.

                         ––EEVA KILPI


"Don't immanentize the eschaton."  

                     ––ERIC VOEGELIN

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