Consultation/Tutorial Time 

for Ortho-Bionomy Pragram Participants 


No need to halt your progress completely in this time of slowdown and contemplation and reordering your values. Email me to set up a time and platform: email, telephone, Skype/Zoom/FactTime (Morse Code is right out). Old-timey handwritten correspondence is a possibility (you'd have to struggle reading mine, let alone deciphering) that is available at a premium (not free) price.


Start with an email or a text (text best)

(808) 256-1646


Topics can be wide-ranging: practical technical Ortho-Bionomy as a therapeutic method to philosophical theological ethical abstruse and arcane with elements of the poetic. 


The scope and range, the domain or dimension, the phase of expression: this selection is mostly up to you.



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