At Play in the Cranial Field

This class is a workshop in the sense that I will not be giving answers but will act more as a guide as we explore the territory. These notes are intended to accompany the workshop, to provide theoretical grounding and to serve as a reminder of some of the things practiced in the class.


It is likely there will be an expectation that we will be working only with the head. Referring to this class as a cranial class is a sort of cover story. The class is about relating to a person as a whole and really has nothing to do with the bones of the skull (the cranium). It would be more accurate to say we are wanting to interact with the person through the nervous system, primarily the brain, housed within the cranium. My real agenda is to move our account of the body from its 18th Century moorings and set it free to be fully alive in the world as we know it now.


As we will be directly concerned with the nervous system much of the class will be spent at a person’s head. In order to do what we will want to do certain skills must be practiced. We will also consider the brain in the belly.

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The vision is for Ongoingness; Life continuing on . . . .


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I am I and my circumstance;

and, if I do not save it, I do not save myself.                       —JOSÉ ORTEGA Y GASSET

Changing the Conversation

I was born. I am always a vessel for something other than myself. The self is only a

vehicle for Foreign matter which comes from elsewhere and is destined to go on

elsewhere without me, whether it's words, smells, vision                                                      ––EMANUELE COCCIA  Metamorphoses

The Story Teller

Now, more than ever . . . our place in the universe and the place of the universe in us, is proving to be one of active relationship. That is more than a scientist's credo. The separateness of our lives is a sham. Physics, mathematics, music, painting, my love for you, my work, the star-dust of my body, the spirit that impels it, my politics,  clocks diurnal, time perpetual, the roll, rough, tender, swamping, liberating, breathing, moving, thinking nature, human nature and the cosmos are patterned together.

      —JEANETTE WINTERSON                Gut Symmetries

What you do, what you become, is not my concern.                      ROBERT MCCALL



Yes, there is beauty

There is love

There is joy.

All you who suffer from

the world's miseries

Defend them.

                         ––EEVA KILPI


"Don't immanentize the eschaton."  

                     ––ERIC VOEGELIN

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